Prize Winners

Twice a year, on 30th April & 31st October, the editors take on the daunting task of choosing just one of the posts from the past six months for the Memoirist Prize. This is a challenge because we are already selective about the weekly posts. The editors will describe what they liked about the piece and the author will receive a $100 thank you!

April 30th, 2020

​A scarcity of sound submissions in Memoirist's first six months has lead to our often publishing two or more pieces by a handful of exceptional writers. For this reason, our first semi-annual prize is being awarded to Lawrence Morgan whose two contributions, Herat 1968 and Island Fever, were both characterized by a poetic acuity of diction and syntax in the description of exotic locales in interesting times, which conveyed a vivid sense of both the characters depicted in them and the distinctive point of view of the author. 

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