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Memoirist is the online magazine for literary autobiographical writing, including translations. And that's all folks! Though a piece we post may happen to involve psychological trauma or address socio-political injustice, this emphatically isn't the site's primary purpose. Instead, Memoirist's aim is simply to put engaging, polished personal writing out there, though we admit that we do have a slight preference for pieces with a comedic element.  The novel in English began by masquerading as memoir (e.g. Oronooko, Moll Flanders, Gulliver's Travels) and well written book length memoirs, including graphical ones, continue to outshine and outsell the best of contemporary fiction. While there are scores of sites on the web dedicated to experiential writing expressed as short fiction or lyric poetry, there's hardly a spot set apart specifically for memoir. Exclude sites the focus of which is poignant sincerity with an eye on getting into print, selling writing courses and offering paid editorial tutelage and there's effectively nowhere else. So, take a look at our submission guidelines and bring on the literary personal writing for which you could hitherto find no suitable home. Let brief memoir now take its place under the virtual sun.

The material posted remains the copyright of the author and does not reflect the opinions of the editors or the site managers.

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