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I love it but umm maybe a tad bit too much. It kind of just falls apart a bit at the end, like the plot, but then again, the end of most. Nike Inc. and Apple launch iOS 5'multi-touch' app - luigi ====== radu_floricica For me it's the first time I really think something like this can't happen. If you took an iPhone as a platform and put a chip on it to be able to interpret touch events, you can't stop from playing with it. You can stop a lot from doing a lot, but not all. I'm quite sure that there is a lot of ways to interact with a phone like that. And I also think that Apple is crazy for not taking advantage of this (intentionally or by accident) to innovate like never before. ~~~ zheng I think the issue is that it's not all that different. There are many industries which allow for same-day manufacture and distribution of an app that only touches two screens. The problem is that by this point, the software market has moved to creating new apps, and not touching old apps, for much smaller teams. ------ takj I wonder if this trend will continue or if the same model will be used for the "hardware" portion. i.e. "You'll get a nice iPhone 6 and an iPad Air" but it'll come without the OS. AdamFernandez It's also possible that the iOS app will be a 'toy' app, with enough functionality to play with, but not much more than that. An iPhone 6 is nice and all, but you have the App Store and you have the web at your fingertips too. revelation Nice idea, terrible implementation. It almost makes sense though, they could actually create an app for iPhones. GFKjunior An app that could easily be made for any iOS device. Also probably a lot more cost efficient than building an app for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s/5/4/



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Rcd300codecalculator23 [March-2022]

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